Another fabulous story in the Devil's Child series. Couldn't put it down!

Lucas: The Devil's Son (The Devil's Children Book 4)

Lucas: The Devil's Son (The Devil's Children Book 4)

A new contemporary High School-set, New Adult/ coming of age romance. If you like an epic fantasy romance adventure then look no further.

"Sometimes we cannot see the evil within. It is often disguised behind a cloak of faith and virtue. This is the purest form of evil and it takes a certain type of person to expose it for what it is. There is a special place in Hell reserved for these individuals and sometimes the only one who can unearth them is of the blackest heart. Sometimes it takes one to know one."

There are many words to describe Lucas Knight. Impossible, Irreverent, Ingratiating, Intriguing, Ill mannered, Invigorating, Intense, Irritating, Imposing in fact I could go on and on. The one word that will describe you when you meet him - Infatuated.

Lucas Knight has it all. Girls want to be with him and guys in his gang. He also has certain powers that mean that life is plain sailing for him. He also comes from a family that everybody fears - with good reason.
Nobody messes with the Knight family because if you do there is Hell to pay - literally.
Then there is Rose. Her family life is very different. Being the daughter of a preacher is hard work especially when he thinks that it is the 1900s still. Life is full of study and Church and there are strictly no boys allowed. She is a good girl who does everything she can to obey her father because if he is angry the punishment is too much to bear. However Rose doesn't know that she has a secret that is about to come out. What happens next shatters everything and there is no going back.

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