Had to get this after reading the first story in the series. It didn't disappoint. Great characters & gripping plots.

Falcondell Part 2 Retribution (The Devil's Children Book 3)

Falcondell Part 2 Retribution (The Devil's Children Book 3)

When Ash and Grace return to Falcondell there have been a few changes. There is a new bad boy in Town who shows no fear. Life is certainly not going to be easy for anyone this semester and the strain soon begins to show.
Skylar is also out for revenge and makes no secret of it. Grace begins to fear for all of their safety and must make sure that her secret remains just that. However Ash is soon pre-occupied with a rival gang and nobody is safe.
There is a new family in town who appear to have some secrets of their own and Grace is soon warned that she is not safe. Somebody is coming for her and no one will be able to protect her. Soon she has to face up to who she is and fulfil her destiny. The trouble is the person facing her is the one she fears the most. Will she make it through and who suffers the consequences along the way?


"As soon as we enter the house I can feel all eyes are on us. Ash is a commanding figure and is looking super hot tonight. He has an arrogance about him that is irresistible and the girls and guys for that matter can't tear their eyes away from him. Jacob also commands attention as he is also from the same mould. They are quite intimidating and I always feel as if a spotlight follows them wherever they go. I also feel the looks as I follow him. Guys look at me hungrily until a look from Ash tears their gaze away. The girls look at me with envy and if their looks could kill I wouldn't make it past the front door. Every girl here wants to be where I am and it is quite a lot to handle sometimes."

"I am who I am Grace, that will never change. I can't help it. All of my life I have been conditioned to this. It's what my family do and it is like breathing to me. The difference now is that I have a reason to look outside of all this. My future is with you Grace and the most important thing now is to get you through the year with your secret intact. If I have to fight the whole Town to protect you I will. Once this is done order will be restored and nobody will dare do anything to upset me. This means that you will be safe and that is why I am doing this."

"Blow upon blow is delivered until I don't think that I can take it anymore. The fight carries on and I feel my heart breaking. The only sound in the room is that of the punches as they connect with the fighter. Through my tears I watch as Ash and Lucas smash each other to bits and I feel powerless to do anything about it."

"He looks at me in surprise as I reach up and kiss him, pulling his lips tightly against mine as I pour all of my power into him. I feel it flow through his body as it heals him from within. He pulls me even closer and we are locked together in the most powerful kiss that I have ever given him. I feel his pain reduce and enter my body. All of my emotions are supercharged and I don't feel the effects. I keep on going until I know that my job is done and there is no more pain."

"Suddenly the two forces collide. Life and death stand as one, both needing the other united in a common goal. I feel his power within me and I welcome it in. He stares deep into my eyes as his power combines with mine and I do not waver for a second. Our powers course through each of us relentlessly. There is no beginning to it and no ending, it is as though we are controlling life itself."

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