It's time to meet a real Hell's Angel

Savannah: The Devil's Daughter (The Devil's Children)

Savannah: The Devil's Daughter (The Devil's Children)

A new contemporary college-set, New Adult/ coming of age romance. If you like an epic fantasy romance adventure then look no further.

Warning: This book contains seriously hot guys and girls. Girls with attitude who take no prisoners and guys who think they have the measure of them. The girls are mean and the guys are cool.
Among them all is an Angel who teaches them all a valuable lesson. They will never be the same again - the trouble is a Hell of a lot goes wrong first!


"I hate my father, I hate my family and most of all I hate myself!"

I am Savannah Knight and come from a family that is Hell to live with - literally. If you upset my father you soon know about it and after I have done just that I am banished to Kingston Academy to learn my lesson.
All of my life I have had everything and everyone I want and life is easy. Well all that is about to change because I am fed up with being Savannah Knight and have decided to mix things up a bit.
The trouble is even I didn't know what a mess I would make of it and the worst thing that could possibly happen does just that - my family come to Town.

Mess with the Devil's daughter and there will be Hell to pay.

Part of the Devil's Children Series. Each one is a standalone novel with the exception of Falcondell which has a sequel. Scarlet and Falcondell are available to download free.

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